Who we aren't...

Your nephew

Sure he just got into a tough Comp Sci program, at a great university. Bright kid, a whiz at computers, and has the talent to build your website. He's willing to do it for a song, but right after he gets back from his camping trip. And don't call him before noon, because he's sleeping. He'll finish the last page, as soon as he can... you know where this is headed. He never quite finishes. Its an attempt at saving money for your business, we get that. We all want to save a few dollars with some business "DIY projects". It can work if you're nephew is committed to you, and your cause. But you know what, most of the time it fails. A website takes time, commitment, and believe it or not patience, we get that you're busy and want us to contact you on your terms. We are a team of full-time professionals, ready when you are.


We are not Google, or even a 100-person super tech company that is going to belittle your computer knowledge with technologies that sound great, but are really not needed. We are a lean team of full time professionals that care about your business. Do we want to grow and get stronger, absolultely, but not at the cost of your business. We are small, we know we are small, but there is a strength in it, that you can benefit from.