What its about

A website is the first impression to your prospects, and your continuing impression to your existing clients. You, as a business, need to engage both types of visitors. A well laid out web site is all about design, and getting the right design for your business.

A website is fairly permanent, you do it once, and that's your impression to your visitors for a long time. Don't take it lightly, a templated website is going to get you online fast. But is it going convey what you really want your business to say? The example I like to give for doing it wrong is business cards. Have you ever got business cards printed, and its not exactly the way you wanted, or were not impressed? What happens? Do you throw those cards away, or do you hand them out until they are finished, regretting it each time you hand one out? The statement is, with an offshore templated web design, you're likely going to get a website that is OK, and you'll live with it.

Get the design right the first time, and you'll be happy to show people your website. By the end of the web site, you as an owner should be excited to show off your website. If not, then you have a "good enough business card, handing it out until its finished".