Welcome to the clouds. Cloud computing has been around for a long time, it has recently gained in popoularity and traction. What is cloud computing? Basically it is a technology architecture for where your programs and data are stored offsite. Imagine buying a stand-alone PC placing it in your office, and storing your financials on a database in your office. To access it, you need to come into the office to that exact PC, only one user at a time can use it.

Cloud computing, metaphorically, takes that PC puts it in an offsite location, then allows you to access the data from anywhere, via your browser. Its a loose definition, and pundits will pounce on it. However its simple in its analogy to help visualize what's going on.


Does this mean anything to you really? If you have HTML/CSS exposure then you've probably played with it in your spare time. Good for you, its a great deal of fun when its a hobby. But like any hobby that goes "pro" you'll find its also a lot of work. We code to validation meaning all pages are validated for HTML and CSS authentication.

Java, not just an island in Indonesia

Java is a also a programming language. One that we know very very well. Its what we code in to make all your business requirements come to life. For you more technically saavy, its our middleware platform for matching your front-end (HTML) to your backend database.


The database technology used at Blue Mantis is MySQL. This is a powerful database, used extensively in web-based applications. Its more than enough for any medium sized company. If its good enough for Facebook, it will be more than enough for you.

Run anywhere

The beauty of this architecture is you can run your software anywhere. Anywhere you have a browser, and internet connectivity, you can run your business. You're a business owner, we know you can't walk away from your business. We know you never take a vacation, if you have an internet connection then you have access to your work.