Multi-vendor invoicing software

If you want to make that leap into ERP systems without the leap into ERP money, then our product is for you. Its a web-based system for creating purchase orders, generating invoices, then closing the loop with payments. Its not for everyone, but for those that are about to make that jump into ERP, give us a call we will surprise you. You need your supplier vendors on-side for this to work. But, guess what, you're writing the cheques to them, so you get to decide the rules.

How it works

  • Create a purchase order
  • Submit PO to vendor
  • Vendor accepts the PO
  • Vendor fills the PO, invoice created from PO
  • Vendor delivers the products
  • You accept the delivery, invoice gets submitted
  • You approve the invoice
  • You pay the invoice

How it helps

The beauty of the system is that the system is completely automated. Runs on any website anywhere and any time. The order is validated many times along the purchasing and receiving workflow. Your suppliers each have login IDs to your system, their access limited to only their informatin of course. Suppliers can see the purchase orders you have created. You can know status of your orders at any time. You save time, you save ordering headaches, and you know exactly what is going on in your business.


With reports you can know instantaneously what you paid to who and when. With custom reports the sky is the limit for data extraction. How much did I pay my biggest supplier in the past month? How much tax did I pay last week, last month, last year?


This is custom software at its finest. If you want to change the process, let us know, we'll make the changes for you. This is going to fit your business to a tee.