We are who we say we are...

We're a small team of professionals in Mississauga willing to give all we have to help your business.

Web Design

There is a bit of truth about web design technology that may sounds strange and unflattering ...there is no rocket science to web design technology. For professionals its a basic technology, however, with the right experience it can do a lot of things. Elements of design are what really give your site that professional edge, and that's where we differentiate ourselves. We have access to fantastic set of local graphics designers, they give your site the attention it deserves.

Software Development

OK... this one is rocket science. And the "we" is more like a "me". My name is Razi Ahmed, and I own Blue Mantis Software. I'm a Computer Science grad from a long long (long long) time ago. I have enough education and real world experience to help your business grow.

The point we want to hit home is that Blue Mantis does all the coding. There is no off-shore coding. If there is a problem with any software we write, you call us, tell Razi and the problem will be resolved, period.